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لبنیات روزانه


دیزین آب میامی

Miami Water Desin

شرکت صنایع لبنی تین

Teen Dairy Industries Co

تک ماکارون

Tak Makaron

درباره شرکت سحر

About Sahar Sun Dairy

Sahar Company started its activity in 1999 when it became a leading company in Iran with its brand “Rouzaneh”. As one of the largest and most equipment private complexes producing dairy products, this company currently supplies its products branded “Sahar Sun” to the local and international markets with the highest quality .


is located in a lush zone with a good weather called “Hesar Khorvan” within a piece of land measuring 20 Ha near Ghazvin city. In a quite controlled process from the farm to the table, this complex supplies its necessary unprocessed milk from stock farms and then, after processing, it produces a wide range of dairy products and byproducts such as types of cheese, milk, flavored and enriched milks, cream, dessert and the ones in fully hygienic packages in accordance with international standards.


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